Andreas Schmidt, Brand Manager at FRAAS, is in the best tradition of the company's founding family – a native Upper Franconian. Born in 1975 in Erlangen, Andreas got his first taste of the world of textile accessories at an early age. He started doing odd jobs at V. FRAAS GmbH during school holidays and looking over the shoulders of the weavers at work. However, his career ladder was far from being simply out into the family business; Andreas initially went far from Wüstenselbitz, and since his return to Franconia has had the chance to create the FRAAS brand. It has come together as a fortunate coincidence for both Andreas Schmidt and V. FRAAS.After graduating from high school he studied in the business school of Passau University, majoring in marketing. His education was polished by spending a year abroad at the University of South Wales in Sydney with a focus on marketing and human resource management. The young marketing specialist gained practical experience in diverse positions such as at Karstadt Quelle AG in the central purchasing office, as well as in his own family's company where he worked in global marketing. He also obtained an internship in New York in the sales division of V. FRAAS USA Inc., once again leading him far from the family home.After getting his university degree in 2000, Andreas, also a passionate athlete, gathered additional experience in the areas of marketing operations and product management at Adidas AG. In 2002 a career opportunity in the USA came his way that he could not refuse: He filled the vacant position as the head of marketing and sales at V. FRAAS USA Inc. For four years he successfully worked on developing an expansion of the company and establishing the V. FRAAS name in the USA.In October 2006 Andreas Schmidt, along with his wife and two children, returned from New York to Wüstenselbitz to the V. FRAAS GmbH headquarters where he is now responsible for global marketing and product management as well sales in the USA, Canada and Great Britain.An exciting new challenge awaits Andreas Schmidt as brand manager for the FRAAS brand. Back in Franconia, he is looking forward to writing a new chapter in the now over 135 year history of his family's company and engraving in it, the sign of the thistle.



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